Project Transformation is gearing up again this summer to connect college-aged interns with children in the community through a program to improve reading skills.

Once again, Belmonters will get a chance to be part of this important program. Volunteers are needed to read one-on-one with elementary aged children in the morning, the week of June 27-30, at Antioch United Methodist Church. They can volunteer for any or all of the four days. To receive a Project Transformation sign-up form, contact Celia Joyner. Since volunteers will be working with children, a background check is needed. Belmont UMC will contact volunteers if one is needed and if it is, will send the form.

In addition, Belmont is collecting materials for Project Transformation. A box will be set up in the back entrance of the church for children’s books, healthy snacks, and school supplies such as pencils, and glue sticks.

Where: Antioch UMW, 41 Tusculum Road, Nashville
Orientation: (required the first day only) 9:15-9:45
Program time: 9:45am-12:15pm