Belmont UMC is not a wedding venue for non-member weddings. If you are a Belmont UMC member, please review our wedding policy below and contact Angie Slade to begin the process of scheduling a wedding.

Belmont UMC’s Wedding Policy

The Christian Wedding

In the United Methodist tradition we believe that marriage is a sacred covenant, instituted by God, confirmed by the church community. Belmont views the marriage ceremony as a worship service within the same liturgical context as the weekly worship services held at Belmont. Therefore, wedding ceremonies at Belmont are celebrated in a manner consistent with United Methodist liturgy and practice.  For example, if the couple elect to include the sacrament of communion in the wedding service, it is the United Methodist tradition to invite all worshippers to participate in communion.

These guidelines provide important information for planning and celebrating the service of Christian Marriage at Belmont United Methodist Church. Knowing that we are a diverse congregation, the pastoral staff is open to discussing the inclusion of other faiths and traditions. With these understandings, Belmont will be honored to participate with you in planning and celebrating your wedding.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Weddings may be scheduled for church members with the Belmont Wedding Coordinator. The availability of particular dates depends upon church obligations and ministries. There are certain times of the year when weddings will not be scheduled, including

  • Holiday weekends
  • Season of Advent
  • Week between Christmas and New Year’s
  • Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Easter.

The Wedding Coordinator can let you know if the date you are interested in is available or not.

Sanctuary weddings must be scheduled at least eight weeks in advance. To schedule a wedding, the completed “Wedding Schedule Form” must be submitted to the Wedding Coordinator and you must confirm your wedding date with one of Belmont UMC’s pastors and the Director of Music Ministries. A deposit of ½ of the total wedding fee is due prior to wedding date being placed officially on the church calendar. Once these things are completed, your wedding will be scheduled on the church calendar.

Please contact the church office, 383-0832, to inquire about scheduling your wedding. Scheduling your wedding date on the Belmont Calendar is your agreement to the policies, procedures and fees stated in this guide.

The Wedding Location

The church building and its facilities are available per the understandings and obligations outlined in this guide. The main sanctuary and Ferguson Memorial Chapel are available as sacred spaces in which to celebrate your wedding as a service of worship.

 The sanctuary has a seating capacity of approximately 800 people. The church sanctuary is available for one hour rehearsal and four hours on your wedding day to include preparations, photography, ceremony, and clean up.

Ferguson Chapel can seat approximately 100 people. The church chapel is available for one hour rehearsal and two hours on your wedding day to include preparations, photography, ceremony, and clean up.

Other rooms in the church building may be used for preparation by the wedding party. Your arrival and departure time and rooms that are needed will be agreed upon with the Wedding Coordinator at the time your wedding is scheduled.

The Pastor

One of Belmont’s appointed pastors must officiate at all weddings that take place at Belmont United Methodist Church. If you wish for another clergy person to co-officiate, Belmont’s pastor must first be consulted so that a proper invitation may be extended by a member of Belmont’s pastoral staff.  You must confirm the availability of the officiating pastor(s) prior to scheduling the wedding date on the church calendar.

The UMC requires a series of meetings with the couple prior to the wedding. These meetings are a source of spiritual, personal, and emotional preparation for Christian marriage, and serve as planning sessions for the wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Coordinator

The Belmont Wedding Coordinator directs all rehearsals and weddings, whether in the sanctuary or chapel. The Wedding Coordinator is familiar with the policies and traditions of Belmont United Methodist Church and wedding customs appropriate for a worship service.

The couple must meet with the Wedding Coordinator two times to discuss these wedding policies and to plan the wedding details.

The Wedding Music

The wedding ceremony is a Christian service of worship in the church, and the purpose of the music is to glorify God. In consultation with the Director of Music Ministries, sacred music will be chosen that is appropriate for use in a worship service, creates a reverent atmosphere and emphasizes the Christian view of marriage.

All wedding music, guest soloists, and instrumentalists must be approved by Belmont’s Director of Music Ministries. Only Belmont’s Director of Music Ministries or their designee is authorized to play the organ or piano for wedding services in the sanctuary. Visiting instrumentalists are permitted to play the piano for weddings in Ferguson Chapel. Recorded music is not permitted in either location.

The Worship Space

As worship spaces, the sanctuary and chapel contain furniture and symbols that have sacred meaning within the church tradition. All furniture, paraments, and the altar candles, are not removed or rearranged for the wedding ceremony. All wedding flowers, candles, and other adornments must be placed so as not to obscure or detract from these sacred symbols. A kneeler is available for your use upon request.


The wedding ceremony is a worship service. In order to maintain the integrity of the worship service these following guidelines are to be followed:  

One modest arrangement of fresh flowers may be placed on the altar table, on the floor or on the two pedestals on either side of the altar.

 The church has two floor candelabras and provides oil candles for your use upon request. Each candelabra holds seven oil candles. A small arrangement of greenery may be used with the candelabra.

Excessive adornment such as tubs of palms or other branches, the building of an artificial background for floral arrangements, or arches of flowers, are not permitted.

For safety reasons, you may not use an aisle runner. No confetti, rice, birdseed, or flower petals may be thrown in the church or on church property.

If a unity candle is used, the florist and/or couple must provide their own candle, ribbon, etc. Please discuss available pedestal or table for the candle with Belmont’s Wedding Coordinator. You may choose to provide your own pedestal/table.    

Bows or flowers for pews or for outside the church must be attached with ribbon only. No tape, tacks, staples, plastic, or nails may be used to secure floral decorations. Adequate precautions must be taken to protect the carpet, woodwork, and furnishings.

Prior to Sunday morning worship, it is the responsibility of the florist and/or wedding party’s responsibility to clean the sacristy and remove any floral arrangements not being used in future worship services. Please remove any floral containers, ribbons, bows, or other decorative items.

You may choose to arrange with Belmont’s Altar Guild Coordinators for the flowers to be left at the church following the wedding for the adornment of later worship services or the church’s welcome areas. Please make these arrangements as far in advance as possible.

Please provide the Belmont’s Wedding Coordinator with the name and contact information of your florist. The coordinator will send a copy of these policies and discuss acceptable adornment of the worship space with your designated florist prior to the wedding. Belmont’s Wedding Coordinator is authorized to ensure that these policies are followed.

Photographs and Videos

The wedding ceremony is a worship service deserving respect. Our policy balances preserving this special moment while maintaining the sacredness of this worship service. For this reason, these following guidelines are to be followed:

Flash photography may not be used during any part of the wedding ceremony.

If there is a wedding bulletin, please include the following or a similar phrase:

“Please, no flash photography during the wedding ceremony.”

Posed pictures may be taken in the sanctuary or chapel before the ceremony and/or after the recessional. If pictures are taken before the ceremony, they must be finished thirty minutes before the time that the wedding is scheduled to begin.

Silent shutter photography with no flash may be used by a designated photographer from a stationary location at the back of the worship space or in the balcony of the sanctuary during the wedding ceremony.

Once the doors have opened during the recessional, flash photographs may be taken from the narthex.  

Video recording is permitted providing that no additional lighting or sound is required.  Video cameras may be used only from a stationary position in the balcony.

Please provide the Belmont’s Wedding Coordinator with name and contact information for your photographer/videographer. The coordinator will send a copy and discuss these policies with your designated photographer/videographer prior to the wedding. Belmont’s Wedding Coordinator is authorized to ensure that these policies are followed.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal is usually scheduled for the evening before the wedding, but may be at another time.

The couple and all the members of the wedding party (usually their parents, attendants, and ushers) should be present with the pastor(s) for the rehearsal.

 The Belmont Wedding Coordinator will direct the rehearsal and wedding. Up to one hour is allowed for the rehearsal. All members of the wedding party should be apprised of the location of the church and arrive at the specified time.

The marriage license is to be given to the Belmont Wedding Coordinator or officiating pastor at the rehearsal.

The Reception

If the reception is to be held at Belmont United Methodist Church, please contact Belmont UMC’s Facility Use Coordinator, Angie Slade for a copy of the facility use guidelines and fees.

Three rooms are available for a wedding reception.

  •         The Iris Room is available for a small reception. There is an alley kitchen with a refrigerator and sink adjacent to the Iris Room.
  •         Parker Hall, which seats up to 100, is located under the sanctuary and includes a small kitchen.
  •         The Community Center is available for receptions up to 400 persons with the use of the church caterer.

Parties must provide their own plates, cups, dishes, and tablecloths. It will also be their responsibility to set-up and clean-up.

For more information and to schedule a reception, please contact Belmont UMC’s Facility Use Coordinator, Angie Slade.

Church Property Restrictions

  •   Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed on church property
  •   Smoking is not permitted inside the church building or on church property
  •   No rice, birdseed or flower petals may be thrown in the church or on church property.
  •   Soap bubbles may be used outside only.

 Wedding Fees

Sanctuary Wedding Fee:                                    $850

 This fee includes:

  •         Meeting with the Wedding Coordinator and the Organist/Pianist
  •      Use of the sanctuary for one hour for rehearsal and four hours on the wedding day.
  •   Services which includes the following Belmont United Methodist Church staff – Wedding Coordinator, Organist/pianist, Sound technician, and Maintenance.
  •         Optional use of two candelabras and candles and/or kneeler.

An honorarium of $250-$500 for the officiating pastor, paid by cash or check on the day of the wedding, is appropriate, but not required.

Chapel Wedding Fee:                                         $ 600

         This fee includes:

  •         Use of the chapel for one hour for rehearsal and two hours on the wedding day.
  •         Services of the Belmont United Methodist Church Staff including Wedding Coordinator, Pianist, and Maintenance.
  •         -Optional use of two candelabras and candles and/or kneeler.

An honorarium of $150-$250, for the officiating pastor, paid by cash or check on the day of the wedding, is appropriate, but not required.

Reception Fee:

Please refer to the fees stated in the facility use guidelines.


Unless otherwise noted, all fees are payable to “Belmont United Methodist Church” and due to the church business office six weeks prior to the wedding.

Financial assistance may be available for Belmonters with special needs or circumstances. Please see the Senior Pastor to discuss financial assistance.

These wedding policies and fees are set forth by the Belmont Music Ministry Team, the Worship Ministry Team, and authorized by the Trustees and the Administrative Board of Belmont United Methodist Church.  Issues and questions not addressed in this guide will be discussed and decided upon by the Worship Ministry Team.