We believe that our facilities are placed in our trust and are designed, built, and used for service and mission, and stand for the glory of God. The buildings and grounds are to provide a place for Christian worship, education, the fellowship of all believers, and as a means to serve all of God’s people. They exist to prepare persons to be in ministry in the wider community and world. Whenever possible, the facilities will be available as a meeting place for members, for use by the denomination, and as appropriate, a meeting place for groups, organizations, and ministries of the community.

If you would like more information about using our facility for a meeting or event, contact Angie Slade or download the facility use policies and forms below.

Belmont UMC Facility and Properties Use Policy
Belmont UMC Safe Sanctuary policy
Belmont UMC Facility Use Request Form
Belmont UMC Hold Harmless Agreement
Belmont UMC wi-fi terms and conditions of use