Children’s choirs to meet via Zoom

Chapel Choir, and their parents who would like to join, will meet via Zoom (Meeting ID: 845 228 132) tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25, night at 5:00pm. We will continue to find ways to learn and polish the children’s musical, “The Truth About Ruth!” so that we are prepared to present it, whenever we are able. The word of God never gets old or outdated, and Ruth will be ready and waiting for us!

At 6:00pm tomorrow night, Jennifer and Sarah will connect with the Joyful Noise Singers via Zoom (Meeting ID: 628 116 488). They plan to check in with candle time and talk about what made us happy this week. They will also read a book called Scrambled States of America – it’s really fun, and a way to talk about when things go topsy turvy and how they can (eventually) get back to normal.

Children’s choirs have resumed

All children’s choirs, ages 3 years through 6th graders, have resumed on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm.

If you’ve never been to choir, now is the perfect time to join! In choir, we make great friendships, sing, play instruments, act, and play musical games, just to name a few. Your choir friends will be learning new music right along with you, so you won’t feel out of place.

Please fill out the choir registration form available below so that we can have all pertinent chorister information, including any allergies, or special needs that we should know about.

Also, below, you will find the new singing schedule for 2019-2020. Go ahead and put these dates on your family calendar! Our children’s choirs are an active part of musical leadership, here at Belmont UMC.

We believe that every child is a unique and beloved individual created by God. We welcome children with all ranges of musical abilities to our choirs. We are also committed to including children with special needs in our music program. Please help your child’s choir teacher know the best methods of teaching your child. All children, ages 3 through 6th grade are welcome!

Contact Amy Cooper, Director of Children’s Music, for more information.

Download the Children’s Choir Singing Schedule 2019-2020

Download the Children’s Choir Registration 2019-2020

Our Choirs

God’s Flock (Children ages 3 years) Room 218- This group is introduced to music through simple songs, stories, and fun musical games from 6:15-7:00 p.m. Mid-August-early May. Joyful Noise Singers Choir (Children ages 4 & 5) Room 216 – This group is introduced to music through the use of simple children’s songs and fun musical games on Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:00p.m Mid-August-early May. This choir sings in worship, typically once a month. Music Makers (Children grades 1-2) Room 214 – These young musicians learn the basics of music reading through singing and playing musical instruments. They meet on Wednesday evenings 6:15-7:00 p.m. Mid-August -early May. This choir sings in worship, typically once a month. Chapel Choir (Children grades 3-6) Room 213 – This choral experience for elementary children continues to challenge the growing musician through singing, musical reading, and playing instruments. This choir meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:00p.m. Mid August-early May. Choristers sing in worship once a month, as well as participate in the Feast of Lights at Christmas. In addition, every other spring, children learn and present a musical. Children’s Chimes (Grades 5 & 6) Hand bell room, behind the Sanctuary Choir room – This group for beginning hand bell ringers rehearses on Wednesdays, from 5:40-6:10 p.m. in the Fall for 8 weeks, and again in the Spring for 8 weeks. Children’s Chimes play in worship twice during the year.

Top 10 reasons to sing in a children’s choir

10. You don’t have to wait a whole week to see your friends from church. 9. We learn to sing in different languages, like Spanish, French, Greek, and Latin. 8. Teachers who really care about you are waiting to greet you each Wednesday. 7. Learning about music keeps your brain muscles exercised. 6. We play instruments and musical games. 5. Hearing voices singing in harmony makes your spirits soar! 4. Singing in children’s choirs at church prepares you to be involved in music at your school or in community choirs. 3. Children in choirs help serve as musical leaders in worship. 2. Singing is fun! 1. God encourages us to “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”

Jesus Loves Me: Beloved Songs of Faith

“Jesus Loves Me, Beloved Songs of Faith” CDs are available from the church office or by contacting Amy Cooper.