Adult Sunday School Classes

College and Young Adult

Beginning Sunday, September 8, we are launching a new Sunday evening gathering for college students and young adults from 5:00pm-6:00pm, with the possibility of an additional gathering on Sundays from 9:15am-10:10am. There will also be various young adult social gatherings throughout the year. For more info and to be added to our listserv, please contact Maggie Scott.


Description: An open, inclusive class. We share values of love, respect, and tolerance while working toward justice, global responsibility, and truth. As we follow Jesus, we welcome all people to our class regardless of any defining characteristics. We have members of 35 years, and we welcome newcomers. We participate in discussions led by guest speakers and class members. Topics include social issues, ethics, the Methodist Church, and the Bible. Active in local and global service projects. We help each other in times of trouble, and we have many gatherings and parties.

Meets in room 203

Class leaders: Marlene Alvarez, Pam Auble, Dick Bowers, Kay Bowers, Mike Engle, Mike Fitzpatrick, Pat Fitzpatrick, Cathy Folk, Jim Folk, Charlie Hewgley, Judy Isenhour, Louis Jordan, Mary Kaye Jordan, Celia Joyner, Mike O’Neal, Allan Ramsaur, Victoria Rebeck, Jim Robinson, Bill Truan, Anne Trudel, Arnell Willis


Description: An intergenerational group dedicated to living out the United Methodist mission of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors through spiritual, intellectual, and social exploration and growth. This class is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network and is open and accepting of all persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Meets in room 202

Class leaders: Anna Cramer, Phil Cramer


Description: A lectionary based class primarily led by Stephen Bryant, General Board of Discipleship (other leaders on occasion). Discussion and personal reflection are encouraged. Participants encompass a broad range of ages (30-60+), backgrounds (homemakers, clergy, professionals, physicians, retirees, etc.) and life stages (married, single, and divorced. Members have shared and supported one another through marriages, divorces, birth of children and grandchildren, aging parents, and career transitions. Active in outreach ministries.

Meets in room 204

Class leaders: Judy Hartleroad, Gary Hawkins, Dale Plummer

Graham Inquirers

Description: This class offers a variety of curriculum topics ranging from biblical studies to current local and world issues. The class encompasses middle-aged to retired persons, both married and single. “Round Robin” fellowship groups are an integral part of this class.

Meets in room 124

Class leaders: Starr Strickland, Jim Strickland

Harbison-Jessie Rustin Fellowship

Meets in room 120

Description: N/A

Class leaders: N/A


Description: This class is designed for all persons who want to study the Bible and how its teachings apply to daily life. The class focuses on the lectionary Scriptures for the week using the Upper Room Discipline. The class uses a discussion format.

Meets in room 225

Class leaders: Karen Roberts


Description: N/A

Meets in room 222

Class leaders: Gretchen Napier