These are tricky days with conflicting data about when and what makes for a safer return to in-person worship. Thankfully, our recent congregational survey revealed that most of us are enjoying online worship and are cautious about returning to indoor in-person worship. The Regathering Team’s plan is to implement a phased or step-by-step return, evaluating each step as we go. We invite you to explore this plan at

One of the beloved Biblical images is the good shepherd, who helps folks find their way. We need shepherds to help us practice and lead others in what the best practices for a safer return to indoor in-person worship will be. Once we reopen, these trained shepherds will help model, usher, and guide the rest of our flock. If you are healthy, ready to return, willing to learn, able to model, and prepared to teach others our best practices, please contact Angie Slade.