Godly Play is an interactive storytelling curriculum used in Sunday school at Belmont UMC for children in preschool through 2nd grade. We believe that each child comes to church already full of knowledge and experiences of God, and we make safe space for wondering about life's big questions, telling the stories of our faith, and teaching children the Christian language to express what they know, feel, and wonder about God.

Every Sunday, we follow the same rhythm: children gather in a circle to hear a story from the Old or New testament, respond to the story by working with the story materials or art supplies, gather back together for a feast of goldfish and water, pray together, and then are blessed before they leave. Each classroom has two adults present who are trained in the curriculum - a storyteller and a door keeper - and the classroom is a place of compassionate care.

All children are welcome, and Godly Play is perfectly suited for diverse learners and those just learning English. While the name sounds playful, in Godly Play we do the big work of spiritual formation, studying scripture, and building Christian community. Come join us!

For more information, contact Ellen Haber.