by Gayle Sullivan

Greetings one and all! While no one imagined we would ever offer the Feast of Lights virtually, it became reality in this unusual time. I have been showered with emails and text messages of gratitude and want to thank YOU for your love and support. I do wish to share my gratitude for a team of people who made this possible: Mike Graves, Cindy Caldwell, and Michael Vaughn were integral to the comprehensive audio visual recording and production. This collaborative effort along with a host of Belmont UMC musicians made this dream into reality. For the full list of participants, please see the list in the Feast of Lights bulletin or at the end of the YouTube video.

At our choir rehearsals, we say a prayer that includes the sentence: “Help us be a blessing to others that we might sing forth the love a Christ to a world in need of your holy lovesong.” It is our prayer that the love of Christ was and is shared through the Feast of Lights, our holy Christmas love song. Perhaps our world is in need now more than ever? Thanks be to God for the many who shared their time, talents, and gifts to make this possible.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to experience the 2020 Feast of Lights service, it is available on YouTube.