Meet the Confirmation class of 2021 (group 2)

Finn Bruster is 14 years old and finishing up his 8th grade year at J. T. Moore Middle school. He is looking forward to his freshman year in the new Hillsboro High School building next fall. When not studying, Finn spends his time trying to master the newest video games, playing the bassoon, exploring exotic foods, and enjoying the freedom of riding his bicycle. He is also a member of the youth choir and plays handbells. Most summers, Finn travels to Germany to stay with his grandparents and large extended family. Finn’s Confirmation faith friend is Brian Weiler.

Leni Bruster has been an artist and painter ever since she was a little girl. As she matures, she is finding her own style and a love for the arts. Leni plays cello, loves to bake, and to travel to Germany and through Europe with her much loved grandparents and extended family. She also has a sporty side and enjoys playing volleyball and skateboarding. Leni will also school you in Minecraft. She will be an 8th grader at J. T. Moore Middle school in the fall. Leni’s Confirmation faith friend is Courtney Weiler.

Charlie Del Pino is an 8th grader at J. T. Moore Middle School and is headed to Martin Luther King Magnet School. He loves (and masters) all things technological, has a gift for story writing, and practices kindness. He does not speak a lot, but when he does it is sincere. His Confirmation faith friend is Amy Cooper because he trusts her.

Jack-Charles Headrick is the son of Ashlee and Jon-David Headrick and older brother to Caroline. He is kind, funny, energetic, and loves the outdoors. Jack-Charles enjoys playing the piano, running track, hiking, competing on the Quiz Bowl Team, and playing with his dog Lucy. He is an 8th grader at Battle Ground Academy. Jack-Charles’ Confirmation faith friend is Larry Strachan.

Hannah Parker is finishing her 8th grade year at J. T. Moore Middle School. She loves all things music, especially choirs, musical theater, and playing the cello. When Hannah isn’t making music, she is persistently and passionately speaking her mind. She is an advocate and ally for inclusivity and equality, and loves a spirited argument. She is a friend, sister, daughter, learner, performer, and joy to be around.

John Yeager Rojas has been part of Belmont his entire life, barring a minor stint in Texas and a major detour to the Balkans. He is kind, thoughtful, and a loyal and loving friend; quick to laugh and help whenever he can. Yeager is part of a family of vegetarians and loves all animals including his cat (thank you to the Parkers!) and Bulgarian beast dog. He loves biking, being in the woods, Scouts, and the stock market. Last year, he started a business with his best friends selling churros (The Bureau of Churros) to pedestrians on 12th South on Saturdays. Yeager is in the 9th grade at Hume-Fogg. He is lucky to have the loving community of Belmont now and always.

Tyler Shepherd is a fun-loving young man. He is an active member of Belmont’s youth and choir, has achieved the second class rank in Boy Scouts, and is a member of the choir at Martin Luther King. Tyler loves playing sports and is a wicked chess opponent. During the pandemic, he developed an interest in cooking and especially loves Asian cuisine. Tyler has a deep compassion for others, and thanks to an amazing history teacher and time spent with family participating in BLM protests, is interested in pursuing a career in law. He loves to read, play games, and just enjoy life.

Allie Smith is a 9th grader at Hume Fogg High School. She enjoys playing sports such as volleyball and swimming. Allie loves trying new things especially if it includes an adventure. She has an older brother, Wesley, and a twin sister, Annika. Her parents are Phil and Nancy.

Annika Smith is a freshman at Hume Fogg High School and is on the swim team. She has an older brother, Wesley, a twin sister, Allie, and her parents are Phil and Nancy. Annika enjoys baking, wake surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and swimming for Ensworth Aquatics.

Sofie Whiting is an 8th grader at Ensworth Middle School. Sofie is on the Ensworth dance team and plays volleyball and soccer. Her parents are Liz and Darren, and she has two older brothers, Myers and Reed, who grew up at Belmont. Sofie loves to spend time with friends and family. She especially loves being with her animals, Emma and Marlow. Sofie’s Confirmation faith friend is Lynne Collier.

Meet the Confirmation class of 2021 (group 1)

Lucy Cramer loves all things and all beings, with animals occupying a special place in her heart. She is playful and prayerful; persistent and a perfectionist; and plays the piano. She also loves to read, challenge her dog to tug-of-war, and care for her flock of backyard chickens named for strong women leaders of past and present. Lucy’s Confirmation faith friend is Rev. Pamela Hawkins.

Carter Geise is a 9th grader at Hillsboro High School. He is an avid Boy Scout in Troop 217. When Carter finishes his homework, he likes all things technological and especially playing Xbox. He also plays lacrosse, loves camping, and enjoys riding horses. Carter wants to give a shout-out to his twin siblings, Molly and Ben, who are soon to join him in the youth ministry at Belmont UMC. Carter’s Confirmation faith friends are Jim and Starr Strickland.

Hank Getsay is in the 9th grade at Valor. Hank likes basketball, video games, funny socks, and hanging out with friends. He can often be found playing with his dog Gryffindor. He is glad to be part of the church community. Hank’s Confirmation faith friend is Ryan Archer.

Alex Henry is a 9th grader at Hillsboro High School, where he plays lacrosse and is involved in the drama program. He has two older siblings, Joe and Kate, and his parents are Mollie and David. His favorite color is red, and he really loves waffles. Alex’s Confirmation faith friend is Michael Stephens.

Liam Kohler is the son of Chris and EnaShea Kohler and grandson of Bob Kohler. He is a 9th grader at Father Ryan where he participates in honors classes, plays saxophone in band, and plays all the sports. At Belmont UMC he has actively participated in choir and hand-bells. For fun Liam likes to play baseball, basketball, and football, as well as multi-player online gaming. Liam is caring by nature and loves to have fun with his peers. Liam’s Confirmation faith friend is Randy Morgan.

Carter Oliver is in 9th grade at JT Moore Middle School. The activities that can lure him away from gaming at the computer that he and Jeff built together are lacrosse, playing bass, and any opportunity to go get sushi or Chipotle. Carter is outgoing and a really funny guy. Carter’s Confirmation faith friend is Stephen Bryant.

Camille Spence hardly goes anywhere without a book! She is a good big sister. Camille loves hanging out with her friends. She likes to relax and watch Netflix when she is not focused on studying. Camille’s Confirmation faith friend is Katy Hines.

Hope Spence has a heart of gold. Her friends always call on her for advice and assistance with all things big and small. She loves animals, especially her dog Rosie and sister Camille’s cat Sunflower. Hope enjoys playing video games alone or with her brother. Hope has enjoyed refining her baking skills during this year of Covid-19.