In worship today we remember and give thanks for the lives of members of our congregation who have died during the past year. We celebrate their continued presence with us in the Communion of saints—the community of all persons united in Christ. We enter into the Communion of saints at baptism, and we recognize this fellowship of Christians from every age each time we participate in Holy Communion.

Communion on All Saints Sunday is a special opportunity to celebrate the grace and victory of resurrection life for members of our Belmont family who have died since last All Saints Day.

Worship will include hymns of praise and victory, prayers of thanksgiving, Holy Communion, reading the roll of the honored dead, and lighting a candle for each Belmont saint as his or her name is called.

We remember these Belmont UMC saints:

Buster Adkisson
Dot Anderson
Mark Bilbrey
David Dumont
Linda Fields
John Haeuptle
Zibby Hassell
Suzanne Jenkins
Tina Kraft
Jimmy Pugh
Mildred Quarles
Al Regen
Debbie Roberts
Aileen Rogers
Jack Tracy
Bob Vandiver
Fern Webster
Barbara Young