Belmont UMC’s Guide to a Safer Return to In-Person and Indoor Worship
(this guide is a work in progress)

Worship Guidelines for Worshiping with 50 - 100 people

Belmont UMC will continue to offer and enhance our online worship presence each week. Online worship has been rich and fulfilling for many people and is reaching more people than we ever expected. We thank those volunteering to remain at home until it is safe for all. No matter where you worship from, you are a beloved part of Belmont! If you choose to attend in-person worship, here are some things to know.

Preparing for Worship

- Watch the video outlining new procedures for worship (still in development).

- Before leaving home, please take the temperature of all people in your household group.

- Bring your mask. Belmont will provide masks for those who do not have any.

- Use the restroom at home to minimize contact with facilities at Belmont.

Arriving at Belmont

- Parking in the back lot is encouraged.

- Household groups will line up to enter the Community Center for check in and health screening. Physical spacing will be denoted on the sidewalk leading to the Community Center.

- You should wear your mask when on the property of BUMC.

Entering the Sanctuary

- After screening, worshippers will be guided to the side entry door of the sanctuary.

- Follow guides and signage to find your seating. Entry and exit procedures have been designed to minimize contact between household groups as they find their seat. We plan to fill the sanctuary from back to front and have marked off pews to allow for physical distancing.


- Masks should remain on for the duration of the worship service.

- There will not be any congregational singing. Humming is allowed.

- Several physical changes will be notable in our worship space:
 - All pew rack items are removed, no registration pad, no cushions in the pews.
- We will pass the peace of Christ in non-physical ways - a bow, a hand to the heart, a gesture of hugging, but no physical touching should occur with those outside of your household group.

- If you need to exit the service, please use the closest door that cross paths with the fewest people.

End of Worship

- Worshippers will be dismissed by pews, front to back, as guided by ushers.

- Worshippers should exit as directed and continue to follow signs out of the physical building.

- Once outside, you are encouraged to continue physical distancing of 6’-10’ and to wear your masks.

- We understand that it is hard to see friends and fellow Belmonters without wanting to visit. Please know your own risk and make your own assessment of visiting with others following the service outside.

Health Screening Questions for Check-in Stations

We will be asking if a temperature check has been done at home that morning. Temperature should be normal, or no more than one degree above normal. If you forget to check your temperature, there will be a station for temperature checks. It is safer for the staff for you to do this at home, so please try to remember this step.

- Does anyone in your household group (here or not) have a temperature that is more than 1 degree above normal?

- Is anyone in the household (here or not) sick or experiencing these symptoms - fever, coughing, sore throat, headaches, shortness of breath, or trouble breathing?

- Has anyone in the household (here or not) knowingly been exposed to a person who has COVID-19 in the previous two weeks?

- Have you or anyone in your household (here or not) experienced any loss of taste or smell in the previous two weeks?