A new way to witness

by Bruce Williams

On Palm Sunday, March 28, when new members Sarah and Dalton were welcomed into church membership, we corporately renewed our membership vows. They were revised in 2009 by the UMC general conference- “Adding and witness to help members, both new and old, recognize their responsibilities not only to show up, but to show forth God’s saving love in all that we do”. *

Change isn’t easy for me. The added promise still seems new twelve years later! But serving as part of Belmont UMC’s tech team during “pandemic normal” has brought clarity to these vows. Twisting knobs and tapping screens IS a way to witness. At a time when we have limited opportunity to be half-face to half-face, the persons streaming God’s word are implementing all 5 promises in one span of time.

You probably noticed the list of us in the bulletin each week has remained the same through this time. It’s about to shrink as some are now able to travel and others can be in school on campus, and we need volunteers. Please come forward and join our team. It’s another way to live into your vows and advance God’s kindom on the airways. If you’d like to help, please contact me (bruce@belmontumc.org).

*Copyright 2008 Discipleship Ministries. Ritual texts © 2008 UM Publishing House. Used by permission