Some of the most beloved and well known words from the Hebrew scriptures are from the book of Ruth. Ruth tells Naomi, her mother-in-law, that she will go back with her to Bethlehem, and Naomi’s people will be her people, and her God will be Ruth’s God.

The upcoming children’s musical, “The Truth About Ruth,” written by Amy Cooper and Christy Perkey, will include the duet “Wherever You Go,” between Ruth and Naomi. This duet has been produced as a video. Scroll down or click here to see the video.

Because of great talent and interest, the Chapel Choir will present the musical twice with two sets of lead roles. In the video, both Ruths and Naomis met the challenge of recording their parts by listening to the accompaniment, but without their duet partners. Studio musicians and the cast of “Hamilton” make this look easy, but it was a challenge! Thanks to Sarah Gresham Barr, former Chapel Choir member, for producing the video.

Stay tuned to discover how Ruth, even knowing that she might feel like an outsider, and a stranger in a foreign land, gathers courage to learn more about Naomi’s faith and ends up on an incredible journey!