Do you remember your first experience of coming to Belmont United Methodist Church? Did someone invite you; did you come on your own? Were you greeted and guided to a class, a group, or worship; or did you have to find your own way? Why did you return?

Belmont UMC is known to be a friendly and welcoming congregation, but there is more that can be done than just smiling and saying “Welcome!” to someone. Providing intentional hospitality is the major focus of Bemont’s new Welcome Ministry that is being developed this fall by a Welcome Team, under the leadership of Jim and Starr Strickland. EVERYONE in our congregation is vital to the process of welcoming guests and incorporating new members into the life of our church, whether it’s by face-to-face greeting, making phone calls, writing personal notes, inviting someone to share a meal, or being a Fellowship Friend.

If you are interested and willing to participate in Belmont’s Welcome Ministry, please download and complete the Welcome Ministry Volunteer Form and place it in the offering plate or contact Jim and Starr Strickland or Jefferson Furtado.