Sent on a spiritual journey into the world: Travels through Acts chapter 12-28
These people who have been turning the world upside down have come here. (Acts 17:6)

This summer, join us on a spiritual journey through Acts as we ponder how God sends us into the world today. On Sunday mornings at 8:15am and 10:30am, Sent will take us to Antioch, Phillipi, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Rome and more. It is a story of diversity, innovation, community, strategic plans, Godly dreams, jail time, female pastors, clergy couples, pagan temples, risks, and a shipwreck!

Here is our weekly travelogue:

June 3 - (Acts 13:1-6) Sent: the church sets sail from Antioch; a diverse church in Antioch commissions Paul and Barnabas.

June 10 - (Acts 14:8-16, 21-28, 15:36, & 20:28) Planting churches in Lystra, Iconium, Attalia” Paul and Barnabas lead a cross cultural church team.

June 17 - (Acts 16:5-16) Lydia leads a church in Philippi” Paul follows a vision of a Macedonian man, but instead encounters Lydia who will lead a house church in Philippi.

June 24 - (Acts 16: 19-40) Singing hymns inside a Philippian jail cell.

July 1 - (Acts 17:16-34) Preaching next to an Athenian idols.

July 8  - (Acts 18:1-5, 18:18-19, 18:26, 21:9 & Romans 16:3-5) Priscilla and Aquila: a couple of clergy plant churches in Corinth,Syria Ephesus and Rome.

July 15 - (Acts 20:20-24, 20:36-21:6, and 21:13-14) Friends from Ephesus and Caesarea fear for Paul’s risky mission.

July 22 - (Acts 21:27-22:25) It helps to know another language” Paul makes a defense in two languages in Jerusalem.

July 29 -  (Acts 27-28:7) Shipwrecked and snakebitten in Malta.