Join us Sunday mornings in Advent at 8:15am and 10:30am for our new sermon series, Searching for the Light.

Practicing hope
Preparing peace
Bringing joy
Risking love
Bearing God’s light

November 29 - Practicing hope (Psalm 80) Breaking the silence so God can break in. The exiled people in Psalm 80 are in a world of hurt and they want God to know it. “How long before you Wake up God?” When we give voice to grief together, we break the silence that steals our voices. Our longings and laments connect us together and voice our hope for change. So come long expected Jesus “Restore us, Oh Lord, make your face shine upon us so that we might be saved.” (from Feasting on The Word).

December 6 - Preparing peace. (Mark 1:1-8, Isaiah 40:1-5) Readying our souls, opening our hearts and amending our ways” A voice cries out: “Get ready to enter the Lord’s presence!” How do we prepare for God’s appearing? It is in changing our hearts and lives that we receive comfort and peace. .will we hear the voice the still small voice thar brings peace?

December 13 - Bringing joy (Isaiah 61:1-4, Luke 1:46-55 and 4:14-21) Bringing good news, binding up broken hearts, and proclaiming release, Isaiah envisions, Mary celebrates, and Jesus embodies the year of the Lord’s Favor. Jesus invites all to help build God’s kin-dom. We are all anointed to bring Good News to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty, release prisoners, comfort the mourners, and confer the mantle of praise instead of discouragement! We all can bear joy.

December 20 - Risking love (Luke 1:26-38) Getting into some good trouble - Mary embraces risk to bring God’s love into the world. Mary’s calling is not an easy one or free of risks. Indeed, her unwed pregnancy may be a sign of our struggle to live inside grace instead of the law. She chooses the mysterious journey of a God who does the impossible in and through us. She shows the agency and power of service to change hearts and lives.

December 24 - Bearing God’s light (Luke 2:1-14 and 15-20) Letting God’s light gently push back the night. The light of the world comes humbly in a stable, gently pushing back the night and showing us where next to step.