The liturgical year and our spiritual practices help to remind us that even with so much turmoil in our lives, God is with us. Today we gaze upon the beauty of the Chrismon tree, filled with symbols of the history of our faith and of God’s unending love for each of us. The tree is up a week early this year because filming is now underway for the Feast of Lights. This is a welcome accommodation in the midst of the many other changes that we are encountering.

Our Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas services will feel different as we will miss crowding into the pews for the Feast of Lights and Christmas Eve services. However, next Sunday, November 29, Advent begins and so continues our waiting and our longing. Wreaths will be hung on our doors, the evergreen circles reminding us of Christ’s unending, ever present, love. Candles on the Advent wreath will be lit. Be sure to pick up your Advent bags from the Community Center. We will keep our eyes and hearts open, searching for light in the darkness, and hope in the wilderness.