In 2014, our church conducted a Listening Campaign as part of Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH). The purpose of this campaign was to get to know the issues in Nashville that concerned our congregation and to build relationships. As part of that campaign, we interviewed about 8% of the congregation that attends services. All of the other churches and organizations who were members of NOAH did the same. Then, there was an Issues Convention. From that convention, the three issues which were of the greatest concern to our member congregations and groups in Nashville were:
1. Affordable Housing
2. Criminal Justice and Mass Incarceration
3. Economic equity and jobs

NOAH has been working on advocacy in those three areas for the past five years, and has had many successes in each of the areas.

However, Issues change. The community's priorities change.

Therefore, NOAH is launching another Listening Campaign, to hear the issues that are important to all of Nashville in 2019. About 10 members of Belmont have been trained in conducting listening interviews (also called one on one conversations), and our goal is to talk to many members of our congregation in the next month or so to understand the issues Belmonters care about in Nashville. We hope that your Sunday school class or group will be willing to participate in this process. We would like to have several people from each class (and more from larger classes) to be willing to devote a half hour to have a conversation with a NOAH listener. These are conversations with the goal of getting to know you, the issues that motivate you, and the values that are important to you. The campaign will begin on March 17 and end on April 2.

For more information, contact Jerry Park.