Belmont UMC supports flood relief in Malawi

In January 2022, cyclone Ana caused extensive flooding in the Lower Shire (pronounced Shear’ee) river valley area in southern Malawi, which resulted in lost homes with an estimated 17,000 people displaced from their homes. Church buildings where communities gather collapsed. Newly planted crops were wiped out threatening food security in the months ahead. Stories of women with infants surrounded by flood waters are scary and heartbreaking.

Reverend Daniel Mhone and other leaders of the Malawi UMC sent a special request for assistance for flood relief in the Lower Shire communities. Belmont UMC has responded, wiring $3600 this week. Our gift will join funds from other church partners in North America and Germany to support the Malawi UMC as they: 1) provide food and housing for church members and others who lost homes and food stores; 2) replant lost crops to ensure food security in hard hit communities; and 3) rebuild church buildings.

Let us hold those affected by flooding in our prayers as we also pray for our brothers and sisters of the Malawi UMC who seek to bring relief.

- by Susan Utley