“Light is less something you see directly, and more something by which you see all other things.”   (Richard Rohr) 

“Light is less something you see directly,  and more something by which you see all other things.”Let us look at Jesus until we can see the world with Christ’s kind of eyes.  (Adapted from Richard Rohr in The Universal Christ)

Dec 1:  The Light of the World  

Isaiah 2:1-5  Matthew 5:3-12  Luke 6:20-21

Christmas comes to Nashville in a season of shorter days and longer nights. In Advent, we long for Jesus to come and be the Light of our world. “Light is less something you see directly, and more something by which you see all other things.” (Father Richard Rohr) The Prophet Isaiah longs for a day when the light of peace flows from the houses of worship so that all kinds of people stream in and find hope.  We rejoice to be in Christ’s light, but live inside a tension described in the beatitudes. We know blessings brought by doing Christ’s work, and in doing Christ’s work we anticipate a greater glory wherein all will be filled, find comfort, know mercy, see God, and inherit the kingdom 

Christmas comes as a mystery.  Mysteries are events, ideas, and people that we can not completely understand or describe with our words.  Love is a mystery. Christ celebrates the mystery that God came to live with us and teach about love through Jesus.  It takes time and preparation to celebrate the Christmas mystery of God’s love tucked inside a manger! Over the next four weeks, we travel with the prophets, the Holy Family, the shepherds, angels and Magi to celebrate and think about the mystery of God’s love- given to us in Jesus!  

Dec 8  Seeing Christ  

Isaiah 11:1-10   Matthew 5:14-16  

There is a deep longing in Isaiah for the day of the Lord, when no one will any longer be hurt on the Lord’s Mountain, but the wolf and lamb will dwell in peace. In Christ we find all that Isaiah longed for incarnate in the Holy Mystery of the Christ Child. We worship Christ as God’s message of love to the world. And we strive to incarnate Christ’s message within our lives. Jesus calls us to live as cities atop a hill, shining hope as our good works become the Light of the world helping others find their way.   The Incarnation is not a one off event. Jesus keeps coming into our world. See rohr page 52 an inner aliveness.

Mary was very courageous. She was having a baby before she got married.  Some did not like this and did not understand why! She left her home and lived with an aunt, who loved her and helped her until she and joseph traveled to Bethlehem to pay a tax.  They had no family to stay with- there was no room for them in the inn. Mary was about to have the baby Jesus. It was hard … but she  

Dec 15 “Where did you see Jesus?”

Matthew 11:2-6 &  Matthew 25 34-39 

When John’s disciples asked. Are you the One to Come (the Christ)?. Jesus invited them to look around? Where will we see Christ?   If you are looking for Jesus, you will find Jesus as you feed the hungry, heal the sick, offer compassion to prisoners, forgive… Even as John Gospel declares Jesus as the light of the world. Jesus tells us we will see and experience Jesus in the actions of discipleship, feeding, caring, comforting. The incarnation of Jesus is a radical event- God with us, . This is deepness of our call to “love our neighbors as ourselves”  or perhaps if we simply follow Jesus in orthopraxy, then we will see the world with new transformed eyes- we will feel the need to include all people as sacred and to be cared for by us. 

Dec 22  “Mary says yes” Luke 1:26-38

Mary offers for us all an eternal yes to God’s plan to save the world. Her willing consent to follow God represents us all, by being willing to risk her life for the betterment of all people. She goes into the limanal period of expecting- waiting. We must follow God into such uncertainity- we Let us not miss this profound truth, that the incarnation is an inclusive act.  It is an inclusion of people in God’s work. Richard Rohr says God inhabits all that God Loves- the nature of creation. Let us not just laud Mary as the beautified vessel to bring literally about Christ’s coming, let us realize, the amazing love of the Creator God that use all of us. This story tells us something profound about the inbreaking of kingdom/Kindred Community of God into the ordinariness of our lives and God’s infusing our ordinariness with eternal reconciling including joy….  God has included us, put us on the team, called our names… what could be richer?