On Sunday, September 29, we will recognize our Kindergartners and their Prayer Friends! If you would like to have your Kindergartner paired with a Prayer Friend, email Pastor Kate by September 15. Also, if your child is not a Kindergartner, but he/she/they did not receive a Prayer Friend or is in need of a Prayer Friend, please email Pastor Kate. Prayer Friends are adults in the congregation who are partnered with Kindergartners and commit to a year of journeying together.

Kindergarten Prayer Friends needed!

Belmont UMC’s Children’s Ministry needs you! Please consider being a Kindergarten Prayer Friend. On Sunday, September 29, we will commission our 2019/2020 Prayer Friends during the 10:30 a.m. worship service. Prayer Friends partner with our Kindergartners to be a loving presence in their lives. They will be asked to come to the front of the service on September 29 to be paired with their Kindergartner and to connect with them during the year through simple activities like seeking out the Kindergartner to say hello in worship, sending a birthday card, coordinating sitting together on Communion Sundays, inviting their Kindergartner to church events like the Advent Festival, Midweek Carnival, and Feast of Lights, showing up when the Kindergartner is singing in choir performances, walking the Stations of the Cross together during Holy Week, or participating in the Easter egg hunt together. Please email Pastor Kate if you are willing to be a Prayer Friend. It will definitely bless your life!