In the fall of 1988, Belmont United Methodist Church saw an unmet need in the community. Adults with intellectual disabilities had few places where they could live independently in a non-institutional setting. By filling this unmet need in the greater Nashville community, Belmont United Methodist Church is enabling three very special women to live as independently as possible in a non-institutional facility.

Mission Statement

Homeplace, a not-for-profit Tennessee Corporation, exists to provide a home for adults with intellectual disabilities. Services provided will be directed to supporting and enhancing the social, recreational, therapeutic, and vocational development of the residents.

As an outgrowth of the Ministry of Belmont United Methodist Church, Homeplace is steeped in the Christian commitment to meet the spiritual, and temporal needs of its residents. In support of that commitment, residents will be encouraged to practice the religious convictions of their choice and will be nurtured in the values of the Christian tradition.


The purposes for which Homeplace is organized are as follows:
• To render needed ministries and/or services to persons who have intellectual disabilities to the end that they may have the opportunity of maximizing their human potential to live, to work,, and to be productive members of society.
• To develop and operate appropriate residential and other services for such persons as may be needed, in order that such individuals may live as normally and independently as possible.
• To coordinate such services with other community agencies, both public and private, to ensure an effective and efficient plan for services to be delivered and provided for the residents of such homes, and/or facilities.
• To provide appropriate programming and training in all related areas of services, in order to assist the residents of such homes and/or facilities to learn, to develop, and to become responsible citizens in the community.
• To work closely with Belmont United Methodist Church in its various programs of ministry and the Church at large, to provide for comprehensive and coordinated ministry, and to ensure that the services and programs measure to the highest standards of care in this filed of service and ministry.
• To solicit, secure, and administer funds, assets, and charitable trusts for benevolent and philanthropic purposes, in line with any of the above stated objectives.

General Contact Information

Homeplace, Inc.
(C) 615- 596-6346
Email: homeplaceinc@gmail.com

Volunteer/ Student Internship Opportunities

We welcome any volunteers. We are searching for volunteers to participate in:
• Yard work
• Activity running- craft, exercise, simple cooking, etc
• Interacting with residents

View the Homeplace Volunteer Handbook and Homeplace Brochure.