"Towards Healing Our Divide"

 An Interactive Zoom Workshop
Led by Lori Brewer Collins
January 7, 2021
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Find out more about Lori Brewer Collins by viewing or downloading her bio.

The idea for this workshop grew out of the November 8 Friendship Class discussion following the election.  We are so grateful to Lori Brewer Collins for her offer to share her knowledge and experience with us in this workshop.  At this time we would like to open workshop registration to other adult Sunday school classes. 

The 2020 election cycle revealed how strongly, and how differently, voters feel about what is best for the United States as we transition from the administration of the past four years into what we anticipate for the next four years. Collectively this places us at a unique inflection point: What can we do to contribute to healing our national divides? How can we find positive pathways for leaning into difference? How do we honor the sacred worth of the person underneath opinion and beliefs with which we strongly disagree? This interactive workshop offers a chance to step back from the noise, look within ourselves and to one another, and find ways to broaden our own perspectives, understand more deeply, and engender a spirit of unity amid difference. This is not easy when we strongly disagree. Jesus made sure we knew that. But we don't always know how to put it into practice. This workshop aims to provide a way of being and approach that helps set us on that path. Because we are all in this together, and you can be sure that despite our individual politics, our collective hearts are yearning for national healing. Please join us as we seize this unique moment to be part of that aim.

Workshop Objectives:

Discover and experience what it means to

- exemplify civility amidst difference

- elevate cross-partisan conversations

- build healthy cross-partisan relationships

- add our collective influence towards our national healing

- become a Loyal Antagonist **

** A Loyal Antagonist is someone you can trust to deeply challenge AND support you. Someone you can count on to listen and understand you AND push back and challenge you. It does not mean reaching agreement, consensus, or finding common ground, although common ground is often part of the discovery.  It does require humility, genuine curiosity, and respect for yourself and the other person.

As part of the session, we will also explore how to identify and leverage "the wisdom of polarities." Polarities are interdependent pairs of values and strengths, both of which are needed over time for a healthy, thriving human system. [Example: Organized AND Flexible; Disciplined AND Playful; Risk Taker AND Cautious.] Understanding and playing with polarities builds our individual and collective capacity to grow beyond dualistic thinking. 

Registration information

Please provide the name, email address, and phone number for each person who wishes to participate and email it to Susan Hay.

Registrations must be received by January 2.  Participation will be limited to 30 people.

There is no fee for this workshop, but planners suggest a minimum $15 per person donation to Cultivate the Karass (CtK) in honor of Lori Brewer Collins.  Your donation allows CtK to connect people and create partnerships around the country and further their mission of building a better democracy and stronger society. You can make an online donation at Donate — Cultivate the Karass.