Our fall sermon series, A Field Guide for Traveling Through Creation: Creative Living in a Consumer World, has begun!

Sunday, September 22 - Chaos to creation: Finding our way back to God’s camp for a seventy-seventh second chance. The Bible begins: “When God began to create . . .” and God’s creative work continues still today. We call this sanctification. God speaks light into our chaos and guides us home when we have used up all our resources. Our consumer culture tells us we do not have enough, we need more, and we are overextended. The Bible tells of God’s love bringing lost souls back to God’s camp of extravagant grace, infinite creativity, and generous debt forgiveness. Genesis 1:1-5 & 31, 2 Corinthians 5:16-20, Luke 15:14-24.

Field Guide Home Study

This fall we will do the good and hard work of training our eyes to see the sacred worth of God's creation. On the surface this may seem easy, however, it is anything but. It takes training, it takes community, it takes faithfulness, and it takes grace. In this moment in time, nothing is more critical than doing the work of seeing the image of God in ourselves and our neighbors. This holy work dispels fantasies that we may have created about ourselves or our neighbors which are untrue, unhelpful, and even destructive. So, we invite you into this holy work and we hope that this home study, along with Pastor Paul's sermon series, will guide our worship and our discipleship this fall. Each week on Friday afternoons, we will send a Field Guide Home Study to you via email in preparation for the upcoming Sunday.

Parents, guardians and caregivers, we hope this Field Guide Home Study will be a good chance to journey with your family in faith formation in your home. Sunday school classes, we hope this home study will be helpful as you prepare for worship each week. For those Belmonters who cannot make it to the Sunday worship service, we hope this home study will be a blessing to you and a good accompaniment while you are away.

If you find this work hard, you are doing it right. May we stay faithful and do this holy work, side by side.

Download the home studies:

Field Guide Home Study (week 2)
Field Guide Home Study (week 1)

How have you seen the image of God in another person? Using the photo frames given out in worship on September 15, we invite you to take a picture with your phone of how you see God in another. Then, post it to Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtag: #IseeGodin and be sure to tag Belmont UMC!

Looking ahead

September 29 - Created for conservation: The earth is the Lord’s. Our planet and its people are on loan from God! God calls us to be creators, leaving God’s stuff better than we found it. This is opposed to the consumption/consumer culture that uses the planet, disposes of people, and exhausts resources. The creator God calls us to grow beauty, love, equality, and goodness. We are to build up people in love, grow neighbors, improve the planet, and leave life better than we found it. Genesis 1:31, Genesis 2:15, Psalm 24:1, Romans 8:14-22