On November 21, Belmont UMC’s English as a Second Language (ESL) students celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional Thanksgiving meal as well as delicious food from their native countries. Students also shared cards with words of appreciation to Belmont UMC for this ministry of hospitality and learning. Here are a few comments from these cards:

I am very grateful for the lessons because in the current days of discussions, prejudices, and political tensions, only these kind gestures of you with us makes me sure that there are still a lot of good people in the world. - Victor (Brazil)

Thank you to give us a lot of chances to make friends, enjoy talking, and to study English. If I don’t come to Belmont church, I’ll be lonely and feel isolated. - Yuki (Japan)

Thank you so much for the help and solidarity with us. We really appreciate all of these cause you are not wanting something back and it’s something that grows in your heart and with God’s love. - Daniela (Ecuador)

Thank you for your hospitality and for giving us the opportunity to meet beautiful people from all over the world.
- Maria (Russia)

I can’t describe how much ESL has helped me here in the USA. It brought me friends, communication, and happiness. I’d like to thank the opportunity to study and treating me so well. It was my dream to study English here and it came true. - Julia (Brazil)