I cannot thank Belmont UMC enough for the opportunity given to me (and my family) when you hired me as bookkeeper two years ago. In 2020 during the pandemic, my husband, Jimmy, and I began receiving cancellations of concerts and recording sessions. What we thought was temporary loss of work became long-term.

The bookkeeper position opened as my unemployment benefits were running out, and I was trying to find ways to support our family. I was so fortunate to find a job at a place I love dearly, working with people I love dearly, whose mission I love dearly. It not only supported us financially, but also gave us unwavering support as we navigated the uncertainty caused by a global pandemic.

Music work is now returning, and it is getting more challenging to balance the workload, demands, and doing my best work for everyone. It is with much thought and prayer that it is time to leave my position at Belmont UMC. I am excited for the future and the return to concerts once again.