Heather Harriss, Pastor of Congregational Care, is now a certified spiritual director. In January she completed a two-year training program with the Haden Institute. Heather is very grateful to the Trust Fund and Staff Parish Relations committee for their support. Spiritual direction is a way to companion with others on their spiritual journey. Heather learned many different ways to go deeper on our spiritual journey, including contemplative prayer practices like Lectio Divina, breath prayer, journaling or walking the labyrinth, ways to use the Enneagram and the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator to better understand oneself in relationship to God and to others, taking time to explore our dreams as a way to see and hear how God may be at work in our lives, and much more. Spiritual direction provides an opportunity to notice where and how the Holy Spirit is at work in your heart and in your life.

If you would like to know more, contact Heather.