“I won’t let you go”
Stories of decision, grit, and perseverance

August 2
“I won’t let you go.” Jacob wrestles with God. (Genesis 32:22-31)
Heather Harriss preaching

August 9
“Is the Lord really with us or not?” The People cry out. (Exodus 17:1-7)
Darren Wright preaching

August 16
“She keeps shouting.” A Cannanite Woman calls out to Jesus. (Matt 15:10-12, 15-28)
Paul Purdue preaching

August 23
“They did not obey.” Midwives resist a king. (Exodus 1:8-2:10)
Paul Purdue preaching

August 30
"I am sending you.” God’s compassion demands liberation (Exodus 3:1-15)
Paul Purdue preaching

Photo by Paul Purdue