Each year, we have the opportunity to add a bell to the bell banner in remembrance of dear family and friends who are no longer with us. During worship on All Saints Sunday, we hear the ringing of so many bells as the banner is carried in. We are reminded that though those whom we love are no longer with us in body, they are forever with us in spirit and in our hearts. We hear the ringing of the bells and we are reminded that during times when we feel alone, when we are grieving, God is still with us.

This year when we have experienced so many losses, we wanted to extend our bell banner beyond both the banner itself and the walls of the church. Beginning Sunday, October 25, after the outdoor Communion service and during the following week, you are invited to tie a bell to the stair rails on the sanctuary steps that face Acklen Avenue. A table with bells and instructions will be set up on the steps.

May the gentle sound of the bells remind us - and each person walking by Belmont UMC - that even during these days, God is with us and we are still the church!