Friday, November 28, 2014
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Reflections for September 28, 2014

Recently, a church member who had been hospitalized commented on how meaningful the presence of the pastoral staff had been during his hospital stay. He was uncertain and fearful, and the presence of others with him helped calm his spirit and gave him a sense of being cared for and loved.  A church member in one community was preparing to make a visit to a grieving friend. He wanted to know what to say. I assured him that he did not need to say anything, but he needed to show up and be present to his friend and remind his friend of how much he loved him.  

In seminary we learn about the ministry of presence, but I don’t think we fully grasp the meaning and depth of this ministry until we experience it firsthand. Never underestimate the importance of your presence in the lives of others. Social media and email can be efficient tools in our day-to-day activities but nothing can take the place of a person’s physical presence with another. By our presence we are saying, “I am here. I am with you, and you will not face this alone. I love you.”

Never underestimate the importance of your presence in church on Sundays and throughout the week. There is great joy and delight in the community in one another’s presence.  Last week I greeted a younger friend who has been away because of circumstance and illness. It made my heart glad to see him. We embraced each other and smiled and experienced great joy in our reunion. That is why we commit to being present when we join the church. We are the body of Christ; we are community; we are the gathering of the faithful, and in the presence of one another we rejoice!


Room in the Inn: Serve the homeless, receive a blessing

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Starting November 7 and continuing each Friday through March 2015, twelve homeless men will stay overnight in the Community Center.  They will receive dinner, breakfast,

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Feast of Lights and Carol Service


Mark your calendars for Belmont UMC’s annual Feast of Lights Carol Service on Sunday, December 14 at 6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary. This traditional service of lessons and carols,

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Belmont News newsletter for 11-16-14

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Reflections for August 17, 2014

Belmont UMC’s love for Project Transformation is deep! During June and July, 40 college-age interns created day camps in five area United Methodist churches for 300 inner city children. On July 20, Belmonters heard the life-changing witness of intern Sarah Fuquay who served at Antioch UMC. In addition to supporting Sarah, Belmont continues to celebrate the life-changing ministry that Project Transformation has had with Keller Hawkins, who served as House Pastor for the 40 interns. We also give thanks to God that this year 18 children from the Golden Triangle Fellowship experienced literacy tutoring and social enrichment during the programs at the Antioch UMC site. With over 200 hours of summer service, you helped Belmont offer the grace of Jesus Christ to the city through the ministry of Project Transformation Tennessee. Thank you!




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