Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Assessing Belmont UMC’s spiritual well-being

As Belmont UMC lives out its mission of “growing in love of God and neighbor,” all Belmont UMC adults will have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in an adult assessment of Belmont UMC’s spiritual well-being, April 23 - May 7. Hard copies of the assessment form, with time allotted to fill it out, will be available to everyone through Belmont’s councils and committees, Sunday school classes, and small groups. It is also available online. Teams of visitors will also provide the opportunity for homebound members to participate. By filling out the Assessment of Belmont UMC’s Spiritual Well-Being form, Belmont UMC adults will be enabling the leadership of our church to plan and provide ministries and activities that will enrich their spiritual needs. The assessment is being funded by a grant from Belmont UMC’s Trust Fund and will be available during late April and early May. Plan now to be part of the formation of Belmont’s future with adult ministry!

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