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Belmont News newsletter for 10-19-14

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Room in the Inn: Serve the homeless, receive a blessing


Starting November 7 and continuing each Friday through March 2015, twelve homeless men will stay overnight in the Community Center.  They will receive dinner, breakfast,

Read more: Room in the Inn: Serve the homeless, receive a blessing


Reflections for October 12, 2014

We are in a season focused on Joy in Giving, and we have been asked to reflect on the places where we have experienced great joy in giving in and through the church. We have heard stories of the ways in which our gifts are making a difference in the world.

I grew up in a household with very generous parents. We were not wealthy, and in my early years we lived a very simple life in an old, drafty farmhouse that had no running water. We grew most of the food we ate, and we worked hard. Most of my school friends lived in the same environment, and there was little distinction between rich and poor. My dad farmed and worked in town. He also sold crop insurance to farmers to help make ends meet. On Saturdays, he would go out to the farms and visit with his clients.

It wasn’t unusual for Dad to return home from his visits with stories of people in need—a farm family who had experienced a serious illness or a farmer whose crops had failed. There were always stories of families who were struggling to pay bills or to have enough to eat. Without hesitation my mom would fill a couple of bags with groceries, and my dad would go to the bank and get some cash. In our old car, the two of them would head out to visit and offer their gifts to the family in need. Giving to others was natural to them, and it gave them great joy to share what they had with others.

When I was growing up, our church used the envelope system for giving. Every church member had a box of envelopes, one for every Sunday in the year. My parents made a Saturday night ritual of preparing their envelope with a check for their church inside. If they missed a Sunday (which was rare), they’d prepare two envelopes. I am grateful for my parents’ continued witness of generosity.


Belmont ESL is off to a fantastic start!


Come to Belmont’s second floor on any given Tuesday or Thursday, and you will feel that you have stepped into a gathering of the United Nations. Over 150 enthusiastic

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Upcoming events at Belmont UMC

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Upcoming events at Belmont UMC (as of 10-3-14):


Saturday, October 4

Attention animal lovers! Join us in appreciating and
blessing our animal companions on Saturday,
October 4, at 10:00 a.m. on the green space between the Community Center and main building. Read more...

Sunday, October 5:

The 2015 operating budget campaign continues Sunday, October 5. We celebrate Joy in Giving as we prayerfully contemplate our annual financial gifts to the church. We have much to be joyful about including how we use our collective gifts, financial and otherwise, to engage in mission every day. Read more...

If you are new to the church and want to know more or just need a refresher in what United Methodists are all about, come and join us on Sunday mornings beginning October 5. Read more...

Offerings left on the Communion rail on October 5 will support the World Communion Offering. Read more...

Belmont UMC is hosting a food drive to stock Eakin's Elementary School's food pantry continues October 5. Read more...

Next week:

Alive Hospice is proud to announce their 5th annual Faith Leaders Conference on end-of-life care.  This year's theme is Love, Loss, and Living and will take place on Thursday, October 9. Read more...

Upcoming events:

Who helped shape your faith? You are invited to contribute to an interactive art exhibit, Faith Shapers, that focuses on people that have shaped our journeys. The deadline for submissions has been extended to October 15. Read more...

An expo for senior adults will be held at the Music City Center on Saturday, October 18. The event will provide senior adults, their families, and persons who are caregivers an opportunity to meet professionals who are able to help senior adults transition seamlessly through the best phase of their lives. Read more...

Belmonters Bill Harbison and Phil Cramer are key members of the legal team that argued on behalf of the plaintiffs in Tennessee's same sex marriage case and they will discuss the case at Belmont UMC on October 19. Read more...

The Altar Guild is having a training event on Saturday, November 1.  Participants will create altar arrangements and learn from one another.  Read more...


Other announcements:

A part of children's faith formation is learning ways to grow closer to God through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  One of our children's Sunday school service activities for this year is collecting box tops for the Red Bird Missionary Conference. Read more...

Gifts to the Benevolence Fund are a witness of God's love to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are homeless or struggle to meet their financial needs. Read more...


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