Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Music News

Open Door Singers summer tour

This year on our annual choir tour, the Open Door Singers voted to travel to Chicago and St. Louis. We also made stops in Louisville, KY and Carbondale, IL.

We go on these trips every summer (this year for one week) in order to celebrate all the hard work we’ve done as a choir, grow closer as a community, and have a little fun along the way. We sang at places like Our Lady of Angels, a nursing home with a beautiful chapel, Misericordia Home, a residence for adults with disabilities, and even the beautiful St. Louis basilica. Just a few of the fun activities we did included a boat tour of Chicago, a magic show, a view from the top of the Hancock building, and the St. Louis zoo. Overall, the choir tour this year bonded us together not just as a singing group, but as a church family. Thank you, Belmont UMC, for making this trip possible through your continued support of music and youth ministry.

by Elizabeth Anne Cooper


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