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Multicultural Fellowship

What is Multicultural Fellowship?

Belmont's multicultural fellowship is a unique group consisting of members who are committed to reaching out and sharing our church's ministry with members from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our fellowship has these major goals:

To help in building the church as a true global church and Christian family of God

Enable persons from diverse Nashville communities to feel included and actively involved in our fellowship and the programs of the church

To encourage increased knowledge within our church community of different cultures through bible study, prayer groups, and cultural presentations

To recognize and affirm the values and faith of people in the Belmont UMC congregation who come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds

To introduce different Christian cultures and traditions to the larger Belmont community

To promote the interaction between our church community and diverse populations of students from local colleges and universities

To care for the physical, spiritual and social needs of those from diverse cultural backgrounds in Nashville

Belmont UMC rejoices in its openness and invites persons of diverse backgrounds into its congregational life.

This diversity enriches the life of the Belmont UMC congregation and our congregation now includes people from 32 countries.


Multicultural Activities


The multicultural fellowship group focuses on these activities throughout the year:

Regular Fellowship Meetings - after worship usually on the second Sunday of each month, the group gathers for lunch and fellowship. It also meets at the Wednesday Night at Belmont for fellowship with the larger church community. Please join us in Parker Hall on February 19, at 11:30 a.m. for our first gathering of 2012. Following our potluck lunch, Jefferson Furtado, our Children's Ministry intern, will share with us on growing up as a Methodist in his home country of Brazil. We are blessed and grateful to have him! Bring a dish, invite friends and family, and join in celebrating Belmont's cultural diversity.

Educational Programs - Members of the fellowship as well as the larger Belmont family engage in Bible Study and Christian literature studies that enhance our knowledge of different Christian cultures.

Worship Celebrations - On World Communion Sunday in October, the fellowship leads the service to reaffirm that the redemption of God through Jesus Christ is reaching out to all humanity beyond cultural, racial, geographic, social or economic limitations or boundaries.

Reaching Out - The fellowship endeavors to contact members of the larger Nashville community and to reach out to people in need.

Multicultural Festival - This festival, held annually in the Spring, celebrates the unity and diversity of Belmonters.


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