Thursday, April 27, 2017
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From Gratitude to Generosity: Gratitude for family support

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My husband Tommy and I have three sons: TJ, age 22, Robert, 19, and Matthew, 18. My roots in Belmont United Methodist Church go back to my grandparents on both sides and

Tommy has been a member since we were married here 25 years ago. Our boys grew up thinking of the halls and rooms of this church as their home. The title of this year’s giving campaign “From Gratitude to Generosity” sums up why we give to this church.

To say that I can’t imagine raising our three sons without this church is an understatement.

Belmont United Methodist Church has played a vital role in shaping who we are and supporting us as a family. I truly believe that the way that the adults, children, and youth of this church have included and celebrated Robert, who has Down syndrome, throughout his life has made him the confident young man he is today.

So why do Tommy and I give to this church?  We give because we are grateful.

We are grateful:  for children and youth programs, beautiful choirs, kindergarten prayer friends, faith friends, youth choir tours, all church retreats, youth mission trips, our adult Sunday School class, church basketball, and all of the amazing people in this church.

by Judy Lewis

Currently, we have received with 286 pledges for a total of $1,179,376 received so far, toward our $1.31 million goal.

We are striving for 100% member participation, regardless of the amount. We would ask that you please pledge as soon as possible, which will save our volunteers on the finance committee from having to reach out with reminders.

We would ask that you please provide your pledge information as soon as possible by either:

•    Returning the pledge card you receive in the mail to the church business office.
•    Pledging online by clicking here.
•    E-mailing your pledge to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions about pledging or about the campaign in general, email Robert Johnson or call him in the church business office at 615-383-0832, ext. 11.

Click here to download a printable 2017 Annual Giving Campaign pledge card
Click here to download a printable 2017 Electronic Contribution Authorization Form


From the October 30 issue of the Belmont News newsletter

I first came to Belmont UMC as a toddler in the Weekday School and joined the church when I moved back to Nashville in 2005. My two sons, John (13) and Alex (10) both were baptized at Belmont UMC and have grown up attending Sunday school classes.  I am filled with gratitude for all that this church has meant to my family and for all that the church does in the community – from Room In the Inn to Homeplace; mission trips to English classes; and especially the food drive for Eakin Elementary, which I, John and Alex all attended!

Giving to the operating fund is a wonderful opportunity for us to live fully into our faith by participating in the life of the church. All pledges are important, regardless of the amount.

by Matt Wiltshire


From the October 23 issue of the Belmont News newsletter

My husband, Joe, and I joined Belmont UMC in 2011.  After becoming involved at church with our three young children and at the Weekday School where I serve as chair of the Weekday School Children’s Ministry Committee, I began to see the generosity of others at work in the church and the ministries it served.   

I continually find myself full of gratitude for this church and its people. I am thankful of the stance we take on accepting all people, I am thankful for the examples you set for our children, and I am thankful for the generosity of spirit and financial support you all give each year. Last year was our first year to pledge after seeing how important our pledge was to the operation of the church and its ministries. We weren’t able to pledge much but know that even a small amount can help.

by Anna Ward Barnes





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